Taylor Education is here to help

Mark is combining his expertise in education, risk and innovation to help schools, universities and other organisations to ensure their businesses are resilient and future proofed against market disruptions and fluctuations such as Covid-19, changes international trade and commerce regulations, climate change, educational.demand cycles and downturns in the global economy.


We can help your educational institution deploy tested approaches to:

  • Dealing with existential threats
  • Strategies to maintain student numbers,
  • Developing new markets
  • Brokering partnerships with feeder schools, international agents and high net worth individuals and networks

Specialist advice on niche markets

  • SEN, disabled students and complex medical needs
  • Concierge and guardianship schemes for child and parent
  • Oxbridge entrance and university pathways
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business continuity insurance and mutual approaches to risk