I’m Mark Taylor – Educational Consultant, Speaker, Coach and Strategist

As one of the UK’s most renowned international educational specialists, Mark is recognised as a thought leader in this area and has 20 years experience working strategically with senior leadership in the education sector and government to identify threats and solutions.

“In my experience change is happening all the time and the more prepared you are the more likely you are to thrive. Change should not be feared, but embraced”.

Mark’s background

Born on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, Mark studied History at Oxford University and started out in shipping insurance, sparked not least by a desire to travel and experience different cultures.

For the next ten years he worked in London, Genoa and Rio for international shipping insurance companies, resolving complex claims and disputes in some challenging markets.

In that time, he developed an acute sense of the opportunities and challenges of dealing with different business cultures. Mark is fluent in Portuguese and Italian.

On moving back to the UK Mark then ran the office of a Member of Parliament and worked with the Home Affairs Committee and the Ministry of Justice on a number of issues including honour crimes, extremism and community cohesion.

The Taylor Partnership

His experience of migration issues facing refugees and UK businesses recruiting international staff led to retraining as an immigration lawyer and establishing The Taylor Partnership (TTP), a successful immigration law company. Mark developed a very strong profile in the independent schools sector, representing numerous high profile schools and regularly appearing at international education conventions. He successfully protected the licenses of several educational establishments under threat of sanction. The business was acquired by a global US based law firm in 2018, leaving Mark to now concentrate on the business side of education.

Taylor Education

Mark established Taylor Education to help housing associations and other organisations to develop business models for training and housing. He helped Horton Housing Association finance and establish a pioneering Training Centre. He also led their successful bids to the European Refugee Fund and European Social Fund to house, support and integrate Rohingya refugees and Victims of Torture in Bradford.

Since the sale of TTP Mark has focused Taylor Education’s work on business continuity, development and strategy for schools and colleges. Taylor Education is the first education consultancy to have negotiated group rates for schools and other institutions to purchase World Class standard Covid-19 testing, in order to allow them to open in Autumn 2020.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

Steve Jobs

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